About Us

ekc is one of the Very Fast Growing Company in the middle East for surveying works using high accuracy devices and utilities detection , Also since the year 2000 we are big in staff & Development applications using GIS open source and fleet management systems.

We provide map production from satellite images , Ground surveying and convert paper maps to digital ons , Our non stopping services include :

Provide the Best Products and Service

Our goal is to provide the best products and services in the fields of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Surveying.

Help Your Business Succeed

Our mission is to satisfy your needs, and help your business succeed by taking your opinions seriously and offering the highest quality products and best after sales service possible. Our continuous efforts to develop new products keep you ahead of the competition.

Create a Win-Win Strategy

Our strategy is not to compete but to cooperate by earning our customers trust and support as well as establishing long-term partnerships with them.