Fleet Management


- Our system working on a group of cars that owned by a company, to be able to decrease the theft rate, tracking routes, determining areas of cars moving in a pacific location and also locating cars on google maps with a high-quality location.

- If you own a group of cars or even a company and had many cars to Track.

- Our system will provide you with all what you need.

System Content:-

• Home & Logout Landmarks.
• Map & Geofence Basic Data.
• Cars-Drivers Alerts.
• Reports & Setting.


- Home page is monitoring general details for all the website, movement of cars and the status for each of them (moving, stopped or even unused) every case have its own color.

- Home page monitoring cars with its number, speed and driver-code.


- We can select a specific area on the map and in case of the car moved away from it, the system will auto-notify the driver.

- Throw this tab we can view or hide the special landmarks for this area.

- We can also add or remove this landmark from the area based on the client.


- It contains tools to control different maps and view the required map.


- Determining moving area of the cars, searching for data in a specific area.

Basic Data:

- Insertion of all data to a specific database on the website even it was a data related to type of cars, fuel, drivers, loading capacity.


- Management of data and everything related to cars and drivers.

- Connect car with its own driver.

- Determining maintenance dates for each car.


- Management of all notifications to the car owner in case of outing from the determined area, speed and maintenance date.


- Produce all the report related to cars movements, speed, distances and Traffic Violations.


- Determining the executive privilege for all the cars and users.