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SuperMap GIS is a complete package of GIS platform software for application development, 2D& 3D mapping and visualization, as well as decision analysis of various industries.
Super Map GIS 10 i (2020 ) integrates AI GIS technology, and further innovates Bi g Data GIS, 3D GIS, Distributed GIS and Cross Platform GIS to establish a five key technologies system of “BitDC” for GIS platform software

Provides geospatial big data storage engines

✓ Provides HBase and HDFS engines for large scale raster data.

✓ Provides Elasticsearch engines for streaming data.

✓ Supports customized extensible geospatial big data storage engine.

✓ Remote sensing courses, space imaging analysis and correction

✓ Specialized courses in the field of surveying and practical training on surveying equipment

✓ Practical courses to discover underground utilities

✓ Database courses


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